The fifth issue of The First Experiment was created by students in Poetry Now, a Creative Composition section of WR100, a writing seminar in Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences Writing Program, during the Fall 2015 semester. Like other Arts Now courses, Poetry Now offers students the opportunity to engage with contemporary art both in and out of the classroom. Students read newly-published collections; attend poetry events on- and off-campus; talk to local and national poets, editors, and publishers; and gain editorial experience.

The poems published in Issue 05 represent the students’ creative engagement with four books—Heather Christle's Heliopause, Kevin McLellan's Tributary, Monica Ong's Silent Anatomies, and Kiki Petrosino's Hymn for the Black Terrific—and include sequences, visual poems, ekphrasitic poems, prose poems, and erasures, among other forms. Students also engaged critically with the above collections. All content was written and selected by the students, working in small editorial groups.