Yanbo Ren

Brain Sulcus

It seems to be a substance
Penetrate into my body
Bit by bit.
I cannot really
Observe and experience it
It can only be detected in
Me more and more excited action
It makes me
Cannot give up
Very ravine
I began to re-examine
Then something seemed to slow down
Cut open the cerebral cortex
Provoke nerve fibers
Stir the brain
Suddenly rotten memories came out
As if a pool of
Green stagnant pond
Grunt to defend
Cover up each other’s
The brain is a fabulous and miraculous organism
Does mind control the brain
Or the other way around.
One’s spirit comes from the conscience
The conscience comes from the brain.

Yanbo Ren is a junior at Boston University. She is studying electrical engineering in the College of Engineering. She loves watching movies, writing codes in the computer lab, and seeing the Charles River from the eighth floor of the HoJo.