Tatyana Da Rosa

Is It Light Out?

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. – Martin Luther King Jr.


Who has the right

To decide what darkness is?


When is dark

Too dark?


Do you know when

You stopped seeing humans?


In a world ravaged by strife it is easy to lose

sight of the utter magnificence of what we are[1]


When did the visible light

That beckons from the heavens


Stop shining on you?

Or start illuminating you


With hate? Anger? Blame?

Why aren’t you “pink”? Or “purple”? [2]


Or loved for who you are?

You are just black or just white.


These colors seem familiar

To you and your consciousness


“Black ___ kills ___.”

“Black ___ killed by a police officer.”


You see…you repeat…

these lines over and over again.


How do you fill in the blanks,

How do you…


You begin to ache a pain that is so familiar

A pain that induces you to realize


We are the most destructive force

that has ever lived on Earth[3]


You hope that there will be

A better tomorrow than today


You hope you get called on

For being you, and not your skin


For your head, your heart,

And not necessarily your hands.


Head. Heart. Hands.

If only they could be attached


Without the background consuming

You for being you.


You, containing darkness

Within darkness.


Is it light out yet?


1 & 3: Jeremy Griffith, Freedom: Expanded Book 1 – The Biology (Fedmex, 2013)

2: A reference to Jessica Bozek’s comment about her daughter recognizing people as obscure colors (innocence)

The Black Boy

Being black is honestly…[1]

Hard to explain


It’s a race,

A social construct to be exact[2]


That forces you to be

Accountable for things you


Cannot control.

Hair. Melanin. Hate?



You always knew your skin

Was black. But the first time


You knew you were black

Was a racist slur that made you stop


It made you sweat, it made you

scared. It made you realize


It made you black.

Why you?


All that echoes in your

Mind and being and soul is


“Black boy kills ___.”

“Black boy killed by a police officer.”


Why are people uncomfortable

With your confidence in being you?


Changing their perceptions simply

Because they cannot perceive you’re simply


A small black boy trying

To go out with his friends.


Trying to make your mother proud.

Trying to fight, and not literally,


All that tries to tear you down.

Don’t tear down now.


Don’t tear up now.


1-2: Jonas Spencer’s remarks in an interview

Tatyana Da Rosa is a first-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University and the Questrom School of Business. She is studying Biology and Business Management on the Pre-Vet track, and although it is very clear that she is an indecisive and boring student, she creates poems that excite her (and hopefully her readers). In her free time when Tatyana is not cheering for BU’s varsity basketball teams, dancing in her cultural performance group, Afrithms, giving tours for Admissions Ambassadors Club, or making quality chicken fingers at her job Raising Cane’s, you can find her snuggled up with her laptop watching funny viral videos.