Spencer Anderson


Romanesque and vain,
adorned with olive leaf and furrowed justice.
Chiseled with plato's left hand,
plotted in a salted bath
where aristocratic men
scrubbed off their skin.

The years have not been kind to the republic.
Roads with potholes.
Administrative buildings gone to shambles.
White marble cracking at the seams.
Institutions built with haughty culture,
mathematicians protracting their arched beams,
have prayed and taxed,
built new wings on mass graves.

Representation in the night’s round court,
figureheaded statuettes send ripples through
a long broken fountain.
Caesar has learned that political favor
is gained through nepotistic plotting
and money allotting
and keeping those who would stab your back
crucified in some crumbling slum.

Spencer Anderson is a freshman at Boston University. Aside from a high school literary magazine, his work has never been published. He has a passion for music, film, and creative writing. He is a member of the on-campus spoken word group, Speak For Yourself Poets, as well as the campus radio station WTBU. In his free time, you can find Spencer listening to music or reading the latest issue of one of his favorite comic books.