Krystle Boyajian

The Day Pa Lost His Specs (1950)

I was in the service
A spotter on a searchlight team with
Powerful army grade binoculars

Papa said as he held a small white book

Joe was a neighbor and a friend asking for a favor
A pall bearer for my dad’s funeral
He drove your nana to the hospital when she had Judy
So, I let him use the binoculars

He flipped through the small book

See that’s him right here
We lived in Roxbury but they went to the North End

It was a dark night
He had a flashlight and binoculars
They wore Halloween masks

That night he got a new nickname
Specs O’Keefe

The one who ruined the perfect robbery
The one they tried to kill
He closed the book

He turned them all in
All of the other men

A Free Man
Dead in 20 years

I never asked for the binoculars back

They were incriminating
A smirk creeps onto his face

I was a good man

He said as he held up the book so I could see the cover

It read “The Brinks Robbery”

Krystle Boyajian is a first-year student in the College of Communications at Boston University. Her purse always has paper and pens in it just in case an idea hits her while she is out of the house. Her work has been published by the Epilepsy Foundation, and Sheila Rosanio’s School of Dance and Gymnastics. When Krystle isn’t writing, she can be found taking pictures with her younger sister, cooking with her boyfriend, or binge watching Netflix.