Kings Okwerekwu

Lost Ones

It was a humid and sunny day in
Enugu, Nigeria, 1971
The roads were full with traffic.
A myriad of humans
by the side of
drivers as rough and aggressive as the roads they drove on.
Those orange, sandy, reckless roads
Reckless roads.

My sister had just stepped out of a car
Before she was met by a speeding vehicle,
Oblivious of the small child he would hit.
I was 7, she was 9.
We Lost Her

I apologize if I sound paranoid at times
I don’t want to see any of you go.
Ever since then, my parents had always been overprotective
That’s how it should be.
Grandma was crestfallen
The family became my parents and your uncle, Ben and myself.
5 became 4
You don’t get any duplicates in life
I don’t have another Nnamdi
You guys are all we have, and I live through you.

Kings Okwerekwuis a first-year student in Sargent College at Boston University. He is on the 6-year Doctorate of Physical Therapy track with an interest in additionally studying business. When Kings isn't playing basketball, listening to music, or spending time with quality friends, he is studying rigorously for his upcoming exams. Kings cherishes his relationships deeply and is very much so a family man with hopes of creating his own in the future.