Kaelyn Tindall

She Said

There was a dumb party

10 minutes from home

why not

I would drink

I would dance like a fool

I would embarass my sister


I would have a good time.

I woke up on a gurney

I thought maybe I had fallen

Dried blood


A deputy explained

he was speaking to the wrong person

i assured myself

just the wrong person

As I walked I left a trail of pine needles

Pine needles in every room

Piles of pine needles

just the flora and fauna


Then needles and pills

a Nikon pointed at my body

long, pointed beaks

cold, blue paint

just the flora and fauna


I learned for the first time

reading the new on my phone at work

about the dumpster

about my dress

my bra

my underwear

about pine needles

and foreign objects

just the flora and fauna

I learned his swimming times

that he was looking to hook up with someone

that he chose me


and, according to him,

i liked it

he knew

because i rubbed his back


that's how he knew i wanted it

wanted him

behind a dumpster

with dirt

and his fingers

and pine needles

just the flora and fauna

Kaelyn Tindall is a first-year student in the College of Communications at Boston University. Her work hasn't been published since she appeared in her school's sixth grade literary journal under the pseudonym 'EcoGirl'. When she's not writing she can often be found watching the worst shows television has to offer or a one-star rated movie on Netflix.