Claudio Hewgley

Black & White Pages

Black against white white against black shouting to the world feelings
colored in ink standing against the
 injustices not seen until thrown against a sharp white background. 

Micro injustice microaggression the rules apply to all except for when they don’t singled out from the rest because of the color against a white background attacked arrested insulted shouting immature when just against the injustices.

The military like letters strong at first marching against the white background then clouded by their own color hard to read hard to hear hard to see the color against the background the ink scattered smudged across the bottom trying to not feel colored because feeling colored means feeling against means feeling attacked.

Shouting letters of a soldier on the battlefield fighting a war to prevent injustices muffled from the same color it comes from attacked blacking out the white blacking out the letters that fight against the background so not to feel most colored but always colored trying to fit in while trying to fight march shout.

White black conflict black white contrast against black black smudged against a sharp white background shout against injustice.

(In response to the images in Claudio Rankine’s Citizen pg. 49-50)

Claudio Hewgley is a first-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University. While not spending much time writing or reading poetry before now, he has embraced his creative side this semester and has quite enjoyed it. When he’s not watching Netflix and napping, he’s looking up at the stars pondering life’s questions.