Chris Bunting

The Monument

Coming back from a road trip you make a left on to Jim Crow Road. You look over at your friend in the passenger seat, who says nothing. You say nothing in response. He doesn’t look upset, but he must be. Aren’t you?

The pristine lawns that flank the looming white houses are all empty except for one, where a young boy glances past you without smiling.  How can they live there? Why haven’t they renamed it? Don’t they know what it means?

You glance back at your friend, who is looking down, and drive a little faster.

A piercing, idyllic blue sky fills the horizon and you wonder how many of his days have been ruined like this. He doesn’t look upset, but he must be. Aren’t you?

When you talk about it later, thinking you understand the situation and how he must feel, you exclaim it’s crazy!

He corrects you

No, it’s not

Chris Bunting is a first-year biology student at Boston University from Atlanta, GA. His work has never been published, but you’re likely to hear him playing saxophone around Boston.