Allie Wei


The first American they meet: Mark
“fat, very fat” describes my mother
He owned a gallery in the mall and my mother brings him her work
wrapped in tissue, delicate,
carried over the sea
fresh off a plane, not a boat
Scrolls, woodprints, hand painted fans.

Mark won’t buy “ [her] kind of people’s art”, but
i’ll advertise for you, he promises,
and pay you, he promises,
for a portrait of my wife, promises  
took one month to finish,
and one month for him to disappear

The first conman they meet

Allie Wei is a first-year student in the College of Fine Arts at Boston University. Her poetry has made numerous appearances on Blackboard, but otherwise has not been published. In her spare time, Allie likes to nap and can be found on various couches on campus.