Silvia Velasquez

Sitting in Mr. Sercomb's 5th Grade Class

i remember the thought
of one day...
returning home
to find you
never ceased
it was a rhythm
beating my head like a drum
sentia dolor al solo pensar
que algun dia estaria sin usted

it was never clear
was i too young?
you ignored the signs
y los gritos
that echoed and bounced
within the tiny space of our apartment
never made sense
until i saw the consequences
reflected in your red-rimmed eyes

you were always ​my safety
a warm welcoming embrace
a shield from the shadows
if you were taken...
would they reach inside me
small, vulnerable, and unguarded
to extinguish my light
with their unforgiving claws?

Silvia Velasquez is a freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University. Although her work has never been published, she does have a large stack of unfinished journals and half-written poems back home in California. Her free time is split between re-reading books she lov​es (including the ​Harry Potter series) and having existential crises while watching Kenneth Branagh’s ​Hamlet.