Sam Powers


Cells must be unaware
of the organism they create.
Likely unaware
of their own existence.
Without thought
fulfilling their duty.
Each cell a member
of an organism.

A semi-solid structure
created by fire ants
grasping on to one another.
In water,
a raft is formed.
To cross gaps,
a bridge is formed.
All responding to stimuli
act as one being.
Each ant a member
of the hive.


But Humans must be truly individual
right? Every decision
is mine to make. Every word
on this page I placed.

Incapable of seeing
past my own self.
Just as a single cell
creating my being.

Sam Powers is a first-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University. This is his first publication. His main prospect in life is to become a cobbler and live out a Whitmanesque lifestyle in the forests of the Pacific Northwest.