Roberto Garcia Plata

The Sun's Game
Fisherman’s Cottage on the Cliffs at Varengeville. 
Oscar-Claude Monet, 1882.

(Your calmness brings me hope.)

I’ve been blessed.
I was left here by my parents.
They gave me strong roots, to the point I’ve never moved.
Not that I was ever meant to do so. My face has been hidden from the world
by the world itself. I am covered by nature. We work in harmony to make everything better.

(Your nature brings me hope.)
I overlook the biggest of all titans. A monster that calms Gods when they stare at it. They play with what looks like my bones, muscles, and joints, but aren’t mine.They play with the Leviathan, they have learned how to move with it. The beast darkens the further you go into it.

                                                  (Your lights bring me hope.)
I no longer exist, but I still am. I am still on this world because my colors change as the sun plays with me. We’ve always played together, but it was only him who saw beauty in our game. Him who saved my essence. Him who you admire. Him who I love.

                                                                                                        (Your vitality brings me hope.)
I bring you hope. Not because you want to play with the monster, or lay at my feet surrounded by all this green, but because you just want to be where I once stood forever. A bright place where pain doesn’t seem to exist. A far away place where you can rejoice on the vastness of life.

(Your simplicity brings me hope.)

Roberto Garcia Plata is a second year Engineering student in Boston University who comes from Mexico City. He has never had his work published although most of it has been reviewed by a good friend back in Mexico. When he is not doing homework, he can be found watching Netflix shows while binge eating his favorite snack combos.