Olivia Bergman

A Complex Portrayal of a Teenaged Relationship

John's kitchen door lets out into the garden which leads to the garage.

RELATION: 1. We don’t know anything about compliant presence. You swallow while I chew. You tear while I stitch. Reaching for and pushing down both require extension of the arms. 2. What did you say to her? Smash a bottle on the corner of the street. Teen hearts were furious that night. What were we so worked up about! Different tongues in different mouths. It wasn’t interchangeable. 3. Before: (he) be careful going down. (she) spare me of the lies. My window was married to the ground by the outdoor shower. Cater to my want but never my need. 4. Your backpack is in the garage. Okay liv? OKAY LIV? Screaming in my face, please calm down, what will they think in the garden? 5. Thumb on my wrist. Wrench me to your level. Thumbs brush eyes, you cried in sparkles.

Olivia Bergman is a first-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University. She has never been published but that is not for lack of supply in lovesick poetry. At BU, she works at a library and spends too much time playing board games.