Nour Nasser

Not Even a Little Bit 
The Slave Ship: Oil on Canvas: J.W. Turner: 1840

I look ahead and I know right away:
This time, it’s mine.
I let my sight linger on the light.
I take it in.



The ray of light dissipates,
Tangerine specks oxidizing:

Yellow specks burning into ashes:

Shadows descend into the water
                                                   like chords

I am a single droplet now
         And no ray can save me.

I am not well.

Nour Nasser is a first-­year student at Boston University, currently in the College of Communications for Journalism and soon to be in the College of Fine Arts to pursue Graphic Design as well. Her poems have never been published before, but you’ll find her writing in her journals about anything and everything – so long as she isn’t drawing, reading, or developing various ways to waste her time.