Nikki Sabatino

The Single Mother
Elegy for Shelly Frey

Not just you but her also,
Oxygen deprived
Shriveled up blood cells
It’s sickle cell they say.

Hurricane hits home with
High winds and torrential floods
It uproots lives
More than 1000 dead they say.

Time to start anew, move to
A new town, to safety but
Challenges are always there for
A single mother they say.

Out with friends and
Two young children
A Walmart shopping trip
She was shoplifting they say.

A parking lot chase
Badge and gun he takes the shot
He “feared for his safety” from a
Daughter, friend, and mother they say.

Nikki Sabatino is an undergraduate student majoring in psychology at Boston University’s College of Arts and Sciences. She was adopted from China and raised in Connecticut. Since the day she learned how to write she has always loved to create fictional short stories and abstract poetry, finding inspiration from the events in her life. Though she plans to spend her life studying the human brain, she will always find time to write poetry.