Maya Williams


Today he will
sell pre-rolled
blunts to kids at
the school on
the hill.

Bun’s said take
the 57. Get you
there fo’ 3:15.
That’s when the

bell’s gon’ sing.
& so he waits
for pimple faced
pre teens. For

the blue
jackets, red
ties, & white

Skin to descend.

He trades his
pocket a bus pass
for a dank sandwich

bag. He makes
the play the way
Bun’s said. White

Kids gon’ pay a
dub fo’ a weak-
ass gram. Facts.

Green just don’t
grow down here
like it do up
on the hill.

They gon hand
you they power.
You gon toss ‘em
some weed.

Maya Williams is a third-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University and grew up not far from the city. She pursued her love for writing in high school as the co-editor of the literary magazine Omnia. Her interests also include crime-mystery television, Thai food, and cats.