Lucas Baptista Valim

Segunda Pele 
or a poem after Soundsuit: mixed media: Nick Cave: 2009

Quero ser o seu                  capacho

Me deixe por baixo

Quero tanto a sua




you said I barely broke the skin
so I bite down harder
you said there is pain in it

Is it so little or so much that it is almost pleasure?

Quero sempre te usar.
Como uma
segunda pele

Everywhere I go it still hurts
But you remind me of home
It still hurts
But it hurts like home

Minha terra tem palmeiras,
Onde canta o Sabiá;
As aves, que aqui gorjeiam,
Não gorjeiam como lá.

You point to the birds
They have pretty names
Robin, Cardinal, Mockingbird and Blue Jay
I recognize none of them
In my mind I give each of them the song
of a bird I know
These birds will never sing
Only if their ceramic bodies
hit the ground
Then singing will be all they do

They say it is a suit
It is made to be worn
But it just                                                    stands there

I feel that way too
I feel like being worn
but I just stand there
in stead

Another layer
for protection

But in the end
It is just
Another membrane for you
To tear through

It is a reason to hit harder
To cut even deeper
Uma desculpa pro pai
Desfazer a fivela do sinto

Ate tu Chico?

The birds are not caged
If they fly they know they will

That is why we do not fly
We are afraid we will

Lucas Baptista Valim is a Journalism student at Boston University. During his spare time he likes to transform his observations of the world around him into crude humor and poetry. He enjoys paperback novels and petty controversies.