Ha Phan


I woke up
surrounded by the reality
of people bursting into tears
but they kept silent, refused to explain,
hesitated to talk; or

was that how
fear of being lost and excluded grew,
was everyone
ready to face up to this

I saw somewhere
a woman holding her baby

criticized and insulted
in the middle of the road

as if we were returning

to the history of
one hundred years ago
full of



Am I

willing to recover from fear
to protect myself and others?

Am I

feeling feared
to recognize the hurtful

which I fear seeing
what I could not endure?

Ha Phan is a first-year student in Questrom School of Business at Boston University. This is her first publication. She has a strong interest in discovering the world through the lens of nature, politics and finance. She has also developed her understanding and world discovery mostly through poetry. Writing poems and painting are two of her most favorite hobbies.