Eric Haab


Three plane tickets to California, two knitting needles and a half knit sweater, two eager parents and an an anxious daughter. These three flew over the country to experience something. Never knowing what it would bring, a new life or a new burden? The biological mother unknown and never met.

Stuck in the waiting room
Hours on hours
November 17, 2:30 pm
Born a new son

Blond hair blue eyes, 7 pounds, two happy mothers. One giving away, the other getting a chance to raise a life. The countless mysteries behind one baby. the doubts and the questions. A daughter’s life changed forever with a new brother eager to learn and play. A new mother given a new love while the mother who carried him is lost in the shadows.

Eric Haab is a first year student at Boston University. He has never published writing other than on his twitter account. He loves to play sports and spend time with his friends, while occasionally finding a nice book of poetry to read.