Elise Douangmany


Untitled: Charles LeDray: 1992

1. Sugar coats his words; spice dusts his voice.
2. Heaven sent.
3. She hums along, a soft melody.
4. He steals the notes off her lips.
5. A black hole.
6. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.
7. When he leaves she is tossed aside.
8. A tattered heap.
9. The hunger is infinite.
10. She loses her mind somewhere in his dimples.
11. In those valleys linger a hundred other women.
12. Haunted by the scent.
13. Cinnamon.
14. Questions drifted away unanswered.
15. When it rained she was soaked to the bone.
16. Drops slid off his black shirt.
17. Hell bent.
18. What's hidden in the shadows of his eyes?
19. He tastes like the sweetest poison


We sit in a chamber of laughter. Sunlight cascades around us in warm curtains. Wind passes in soft whispers. The sky above cracks like an egg. A shower of fiery debris rains down from jagged seams. A shadow with a wicked smile closes the distance. It looms over me like a column of smoke. You place a cold mouth between my eyes. Thundering heartbeats betray me. Taunts the cool steel. Bite me. Bite me.

Elise Douangmany is currently a first-year student at Boston University. In the rare moments that her head is not buried in a chemistry textbook, she is probably sleeping in or out exploring.