Ekin Kurak


12:40:43 pm
your mother always said
if it's meant to happen it will
this never comforts you
the way it should
by that logic the opposite is also true
you are meant to be here
only thoughts keeping you company
a knot preventing you
from getting the words out(?)
you telling yourself to just do it

12:43:02 pm
she leaves with a ghost of something soft
stretching her lips(smile???)
sparkling eyes behind
fogged up glasses
slipping from the slope they sit on(?)
leaving behind the smell of spring 

12:43:07 pm
the scarf that’s left behind taunts you
the knot grows into something familiar
for another missed opportunity
but that's life
miscalculations, bad choices
missed opportunities
arranged like puzzle pieces
creating a person
a story

[you don't know this
                           things take time]

12:54:06 pm
the flowers hit you before anything else
a messenger of something to come
the garnet a stark contrast against the white canvas
you get this irrational urge to paint it
just like the stone residing there (with kisses(??))

12:54:45 pm
sitting back down
she thanks you for the keeping it safe
even though
she knows you didn’t
you feel your face heat up
her smile illuminating it(?)

1:25:04 pm
after all this time
every nerve in you learned to recognize
an opportunity you can't miss
every muscle uncoils
(no trace of the knot(?))

for the first time
you think back to your mother’s words
the idea wrapping you up
embracing you(????)

Ekin Kurak is a third-year student in College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University studying cell biology and genetic. Several of her works has been published in her high school’s bi-annual magazine. Besides living in the library and suffering through numerous chemistry courses, she spends her time watching indie movies and Turkish police shows.