Brandon Chen

There are Two Kinds

HISTORY: 1.) They were all born under similar circumstances. Though they came in various sizes and shades, they were all essentially just the same. 2.) Whether it was the world who did it, themselves, or the perplexing circumstances of how the universe works, a select few were barred from the exterior world. 3.) They sit in silence in their little bubble. Few are able to notice. Few are able to give their regards. There is little that they can or will do 4.) They continue to sit alone in silence. Although their kind can see themselves in each other, as if looking straight at a glass reflection. Although foreign aliens can see right through them into their thoughts. They continue to sit alone in silence. 5.) Years have passed and nothing has yet to change. Some of have tried to escape with very little success. The clear distinction between the two kinds is still visible after all this time.

ELSEWHERE: In the expansive world he resides in, he lives an everyday ordinary life. The many outside noises that are exposed to him have become mundane common occurrences. In the distant corner of the world, he can see an oddball. A very odd thing indeed. He had heard that it is like him but different, completely different. It is strange and he was normal. It was something he did not see too often. He was close to doing something. “Hey, let’s go to Starbucks and get some Frappuccinos” one said. “The party tonight will be so ‘lit’, you guys” another said. His ordinary life continues to move on in his world.

Brandon Chen is an undeclared freshman in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University. He is currently unsure of what he wants to do in life or which direction he should take. His work has never been published before, mostly due to how uncreative and unimaginative it is. When he isn’t working or doing assignments, he can often be seen sleeping, lounging around doing nothing, procrastinating, or contemplating the meaning of life. His favorite color is red.