Alexa Macgranaky-Quaye

Buckeye Burl: Watercolor en la guitarra: Booches: 2015

to swim in the black lily-pads of E strings and 3rd frets / we would sing them our corridos / I hummed while he scratched my neck / ahora me llamo abuelita / firmly grasped and pulled my strings / I worshiped his balmy touch / the caballeros swooned & slept to the sweet sound of our love / I am not broken / don’t fix me don’t leave me / I am dusty ornamentry

Childish Tendencies

My layer is chocolate
caramel syrupy sweet

it sticks to
my loved

I am ebullience
It ain’t easy being this radiant.


I am a nigger.
A grammatical slave of sorts

according to the white kids at school.
no words click-clacks in lieu of English

African equates poor I read
their mouths are what I feed

My mouth sown shut I took it.


Chocolate girl infatuated by the vanilla doll.
But how did I learn my own

I had an idea once: cut off my kinks and coils,
stay silent.

Then would they
love me?

Alexa Macgranaky-Quaye is a first-year student at Boston University studying Biology (CMG) in the College of Arts and Sciences. She lives in Worcester Massachusetts, is of Ghanaian descent, and is a first-generation college student. When not doing schoolwork, you can probably find her dancing or choreographing with her team, BU’s Fusion Dance Troupe.