Zhiyao Chang

Chanting in the Desert

do re mi fa so la si si la si la so


Practice – practice – practice
The voice of piano echoed
in the rehearsal room.

She lost in the wilderness
suffer the bitterness of air
mama’s sight burns a deep black hole

on her back.


Mama sits silent in the corner,
never speaks a word.

She remembers
only the sound of coughing
and that blurred silver combined with sharp pains
on the back of her hands.

Blood clotted quickly around the small wounds.

Piano repeats monotonously


Smell disinfectant
and walk along the dark corridor
and wait with red light glimmering.
Mama lies there
nothing is left
only dreadful silence
life slip through the fingers

The twelve-year-old girl cries voicelessly.

Piano persists

Lavender Fields

I am standing in the middle of a violet sea.
          The dawn
arrives over the dazzling purple.
          It keeps god’s silence,
with a thousand bees buzzing around.
          I smell the delicate fragrance

of her lavender perfume.
          In front of me a fairy dances,
both her veil and wreath are purple.
          With a charming smile,
she invites me to join her.

She says: I’m waiting
for you, just you.

I say: I’m coming
for you, just you.

Zhiyao Chang is a first-year student in the College of Art and Sciences at Boston University. She likes all the creative and innovative moments of life so she finds poetry a good way to express her passion for life. She does not have any pets, but she likes cats very much.