Zelin Zong

An Objective Observer’s Diary

I slept on the wall 


My skin tightened

                                                  In pain   
I watched him everyday

He sat still like a statue

                                                  A silent clown

                                                  A mad stone     

Who drowned in his 




He waited

Shame.                                      In vain.      


I walk the road
The monk stops me,
I ignore him
He steps aside and prays.

I walk the road
The merchant approaches me,
I reject him
He steps aside and curses.

I stare at the mirror
The reflection giggles and I follow
“What’s real?”
A Question arises
And a person drowns.
My eyes blur
My fingers numb
I see a shark and it sees me,
His eyes shine of burning orange—
It was warm.
Like in a womb with a heartbeat.

I Wake up
An unfamiliar ceiling.
Drawing of a road twisted.
Bushes grow tall.

“I lied.”
I speak in silence.

A life unexpected.

Zelin Zong is a third-year student in the College of Arts and Science at Boston University. He has published several short stories and articles on boardgames in multiple e-journals in China, but this is his first publication in English. He enjoys walking to school everyday no matter the whether, so if you happen to be on the street in a blizzard and there is someone walking on Commonwealth Avenue fearlessly, that’s probably him.