Vinamre Kasanaa

An Arms Workshop: Ink, Colors and Gold on Paper

Iranian, Safavid Period (Mid 16th Century)
Artist Unknown

This sword is an e x t e n s i o n of me,
proclaims the wazir.
His stallion lunges forward,
hooves beating against the sand

                                                  “G L O R Y IS OURS”        
                              he screams again
                                                                      triumphant now more than ever
                                                  as the cavalry joins in unison

Inside the gunpowder pit,
a young urchin scratches at his chin-fuzz
که طلا است؟                                                           
                              (is that gold?)
پنجاه تومان تنها
                              (fifty tumans only?)
موروثی بیشتر
                              (heirloom no more.)

His misaligned father
hides behind immaculate attire
sews the Flintlock holster with

A patch of his                          blood                         on the silk


the master hands and feet of               all from his ilk

in locomotion

to regurgitate a new sword-


for   the   birthday   of   the   fifth   cousin   of   the   vizier’s   sister


                              ————————————-  inaudible.


His countenance was smeared with black foliage.
                                                  The barbarian’s path is not for everyone

Anachronistic mystics and snake charmers meander.
                                                  So cover my feet with the flowers of your ignorance

Incoherent. Where did you get this accent, I often wonder.

                                                  And try to comprehend my penance

The Seven Eleven is run by a stoic Indian man of fabled age.

                                                  I made my bones long ago in the East with the rising sun

A primitive people these.

                                                  The pinnacle of science and commerce stems from us

They have dirt, chaos and a populace flowing over.

                                                  A billion strong and it is impossible to ignore us

Vinamre Kasanaa is a first-year student in the College of Communications at Boston University. Vinamre hails from New Delhi, India, and cites counter-cultural icons such as Jim Morrison and Hunter S. Thompson as his biggest artistic influences. He aspires to be a high-functioning misanthrope. He’s either found noodling with his guitar in the jam room, or going around campus selling ‘expanded consciousness’ to a disinterested college populace.