Vanlizza Chau

The Lone Pilot

Souls Millions of Light Years Away | Yayoi Kusama | 2013

I travel galaxies in search of an answer
through black holes and star-barbed wire
A welcoming committee of danger signs:
Dead end, dead end

Silent shooting stars
await their thunder
I, mine

I find infinity in a vacuum
of time, space, and oxygen
Through a familiar looking glass
pupils become constellations
hands become moons,
tongues, barren craters

18 pages
In search of proof
Some justification
Dead end, dead end,

One soul





I watched reluctant sunlight
Pierce the clouds like razors
My shadow became a collage
Of plastic covered leftovers

Red walls, cold hearts, an internal earthquake
Hospital beds weaved with stories past
Yours, I could not forget

Broken glass, bones, and body
Cemetery beds tell of past worlds and last words
Yours, lay empty
stone cold

A tribute to the world you left me in

Give me one more day
One chance to say goodbye
I’ll climb mountains and swim across oceans
To have 10, 5, 1 minute with the Angel of Death


Piece me back together.

35 days, a month and 1 week
They say it gets easier with time

                              She’s in a better place.

I look to the stars for guidance but
Found answers in picture frames and mirrors
You loved me, I you

                              That will be eternal.

Vanlizza Chau is a first-year student in the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. Around classes and work, she never misses a chance to explore the holes-in-the-walls of the city, take pictures, and update her personal lifestyle blog. Apart from blogging and occasionally journaling, this is her first publication.