Sagarika Singal

Inspired by The Son, by Tina Barney



I cannot see what
I wished
to see.
I now
get why
you looked lost.

I lean forward and
see what
But you
take it as
a challenge for self.



“I will part through this like Moses”--you said.
Yet, you stand there in pain everyday;
“Do this”, “Do that”--they say.
Where is your freedom?

Your eyes spoke to mine,
eyes that craved water,
the water that was always there,
present in front of you,
you just never saw it.

"How will I manage?”--you asked yourself.
The commands begin to override;
the love that is caged for now.
But wait, am I next?


The Lost Circulation

Sagarika Singal is a first-year student at the Questrom School of Business, Boston University. Much like her love for finance and accounting, her love for poetry is ever blooming. When she feels bored of playing around with numbers, she shifts to words for a while. Writing has been her escape for the almost a decade. When you don’t see her working or writing, she is busy helping everyone around her in any way she can. And if not that, she simply likes to be the glimpse of hope anyone might need around finals’ week.