Mohan Hou

The Longest Movie

Scene One

Story’s yellow winter jasmine,
wandering in the sky. Childhood’ s
swing, shaking with the memories.
Tinkle of bicycles,
                 buzz of cicadas,
appear in my dream, during afternoon nap.
“What makes you happy?”

                  Water balloons.

Scene Two

Untouchable sky, little sheep
saunter on.
Who paints the leaves red & yellow?
The man called: Mr. Children’s Expectation.
Under the opal moon,
eating our traditional festival food:

                       Moon cake.

Scene Three

Tenacious pine trees,
                  silver coat of the ground.
Hand in hand,

An old man, selling

            baked sweet potatoes.
Like honey,
sweetening and melting my heart.

Scene Four

the aroma of winter jasmine
haunting in the air.

Little fairies fly in the sky.
Seasons alternate

and again.

the longest movie
never stops

Rose & Soil

Haymaker and Sleeping Girl, Thomas Gainsborough

Warm fountain, green angels
saunter on.
Rake is my treasure
                  Hay hat is my crown
“These crops will make my family live in a warm winter”
                                                  (One by one
                                                  picking wild lilies.
                                                  Her face
                                                  looks like the sakura nearby            
Blonde hair
Gorgeous silk dress
Wandering & enjoying.
“These flowers will make my room sweet-scented”


                                                  (We are different)
Blackish green coat of the sky
                    Derisive laughter from the wind
                                                  The only time I am together
                                                  with her:
                                                  when she is taking a nap
                                                  near the tree)
Dog barks.
                    I am the OUTSIDER.
                                                  (She lives in lightness,
                                                  I live
                                                  in her shadow. )

Mohan Hou is a first-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University. She likes reading a book during the afternoon at a coffee shop. Even though Boston is not her hometown, she feels like she is at home when walking on the streets of Boston. This is her first publication.