Idva Cako


Have you ever felt the weight of the ocean crash into your body? Waves trying to infiltrate the lungs, rendering you speechless and gasping for air. That same feeling creeps upon you when you find yourself alone in a room of empty faces. Voices circling the room, yet you hear nothing. Bodies hugging each other, yet you feel nothing. You walk down the street into a wave of unfamiliar faces. Everyone’s on the phone, yet you’re alone. No one to call to, to fall to. You’re watching everything from a glass box. Waves start rippling in the glass box as you feel the weight of the ocean flooding in your lungs.

Heart (Cross Sectional View)

Idva Cako is a first-year student in the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. She will be concentrating in finance and computer science. You’ll most likely find her playing with her new puppy or on the rugby field.