Sophia Kryloff

I'm Sorry

a wounded puppy
crying in his corner
blonde hair laying


his icy cerulean eyes
stare at me
piercing my heart
blaming me
for his misery


I’m going to do it:


feelings flying across the room
the puppy evolves into a wolf
I become a wolf-hunter
my spear shatters his skeleton


I’m sorry for:


I cannot say that I am alone. The grey walls are closing in. These mashed potatoes go straight to my adipose tissues. I get bigger and bigger as this room gets smaller and smaller. The people are moving in on me. They know what I did. The piercing blue eyes on the wall are deciding my judgment. She just looks at me and she knows. The sweet smell of the shampoo residue on his thin hair. He was such a nice boy. Playing tug of war with Max on the picturesque green lawn. We used to admire him from our secluded castle walls. Made of stone and only a beam of light prevailed. The rest was swallowed by a cloud of darkness. I keep telling every one I am innocent. I did not rip the ear off of that little boy! They did it! Murderers!

Sophia Kryloff is a first-year student at Boston University, in the process of transferring into the Questrom School of Business from the College of Arts and Sciences. In her free time, she enjoys playing tennis and having deep life talks with close friends and strangers.