Nikita Minocha

Cloudy Waters

I sink to the bottom of the ocean. Panic attacks ebb and flow, clinging to the blank pages of yet another book that I haven’t really read. Please save me from drowning. All I see is your blank face disappearing into the darkness of my thoughts. Those pages fill up with the thoughts in my head. Clutching you, I sink. No control. My mind craves control. Memories haunt me and replay in my mind, like a horror scene stuck on repeat. The pages stare blankly into my soul. Words flood fast and water pours into my lungs. I frantically hunt for the light. You were meant to be the light, but all I see is your reflection in the water as you leave me to drown. When will you save me?

Window Pain

i. Composed

She gazes through the glass each day,
as the sun fades away.
Her reflection dances among the golden glow.
Light disappears behind cotton clouds.

ii. Caged

Her eyes blur.

Trees pass by & buildings too,
among bright smiles of moving figures.

iii. Constructed

Moonlight embraces her & she dreams of purpose:
to wish upon stars.

Let her fly over the sparkles of opportunity.

iv. Concealed

But only the glass knows her thoughts
When she gazes through the window.

Nikita Minocha is a first-year student at Boston University. Except for the worn-out diary from her high school days, her work has not been published. She is struck by wanderlust and currently lives in Massachusetts, participating in dance and karate outside of academics.