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you ask

have you tried cochear implants


Always isolated
         cast into a corner
         overlooked because I cannot communicate with you
                                                                                 and you will not learn
                                                                                 to communicate with me

Why have you designed your society
         To trap me
         anyone outside your acceptable
                                                            with these bars of iron and tradition


you don’t want to learn a little
          take just a few steps in my direction
                    (each step for you covers miles)
you expect me to crawl my way through a marathon


                              Can you read my lips
                              Can you read my lips
                              Can you read my lips read my lips readmylips
Can you read my hands


I will not have holes drilled into my skull
                              Metal imbedded between bone and brain
         Spend a fortune on something created to fix
                                                                                what I see as never broken

I'm tired of watching your mouth
          Struggling to see past bushy hair or collagen lips
          Concentrating so closely that I can almost feel the spittle on my face
                              (as you seem to always spit on my face)

you don't want to think about communication
         you don't want to learn my language
                                        Write things down
                                                  Just speak facing me
         it's too much work for you–it's always about you
you don't want to think about communication for this one conversation
                                                                                          just imagine my entire life


Instead I will go to those who make rainbows of color out of thin air
                              Who weave words with their hands that I will understand
                                        Whose signs flutter like butterflies in the wind
                                                                      like stars in outer space


Imagine someone tearing out your tongue
                    blood gushing and no way to stem the flow
         that's what it's like when you shackle our hands

you will have to cut off our hands and gouge out our eyes
         before we will ever stop

Our words make no sound, but we will never be silent


you ask
                    but have you tried cochlear implants     


1. Cardinal

5,002 miles didn't scare me all that much
How is 10,525 so different?
                                                  Twice as far and yet                   even                    more–

          A difference of hours in a day more intense than seasons in a year.

2. Place

Between the two of us there are five countries we see as home
How long since we were last in the same one at the same time?

the next time I see you

3. Matter

Saying I love you
Far before best friend

                                                  elusive exclusivity
                    constantly asking if I still mean as much in your heart as you do in mine

4. Meaning

I promise I won't forget your Netflix password
                                        your favorite song
                                                  your smile

5. Difference

Our birthdays aren't a day apart anymore
(or 364, if you feel like reminding me you're older)

          I'll never catch up to your age again

          and I won't ask you to slow down for me

Lindsay Child is a first-year student in the School of Education at Boston University. Sometimes, it feels like the closest thing she has to a hometown is an airport terminal. Her hobbies include reading, writing, and refusing to shut up about causes she is passionate about. This is her first publication.