Cam McDaniel

Every Other Night

My teeth clatter when I look at it. Rusty & rancid, someone somewhere scrape the stench from my tongue. My mysophobe pleas don’t brush me, don’t brush me. I’ll hold my breath clean until I knock me out. When I fall, they’ll come with the wires. Numbed, I chassé to the spit-sparkled drain where they pull my teeth & pull my hair. I tip-toe in flip-flops not to slick the walls, but my skin still itches in such darkness. I’ll never get clean if the soap is cut dirty.

3 ways to look at screens

a shade

what was
below could
not be seen

I can’t hear
what you mean


I miss you
I can
hear your
bells chiming 

we are so
close now



we believe in
the counterfeit

well received

will I see
you in
the morning

a screen turns

Cam McDaniel is a first-year student in the College of Communication at Boston University. Although she has notebooks filled with drawings, rants and poems, her work has never before been published. In her spare time, Cam enjoys watching cheesy 90s movies and performing mini concerts for her two cats.