Andrew Gelis

Invisible Tears

I cried, when I was given away to a grey haired, controlling brute I did not know,


I cried, when I saw him staring at me for the first time on our wedding night,

I cried, when I heard his drunken, heavy footsteps approach my bed,

I cried, when I clutched my womb, helpless and alone,
I cried, when he beat me, killing my baby,


I cried no more, when he found my lifeless body, yet he said I never cried.


i. 50% a Boy

It was not long before I realized…

Other half? Must everything be split down the middle?


Two shadows follow one being. Oh twins!

ii. 33% a Culture

You told me this is my home; but where do I belong? Here? There?

Plane after plane / house after house,

In a life filled with



I beg for answers. Oh multiculturalism!

iii. 25% of Life

They say one has time. Time, time, time, time in seconds!

Only so much unraveled, yet so much more to come.

New doors open / Old doors shut.

Oh uncertainty!

Andrew Gelis is a first-year student in the College of Arts and Sciences at Boston University. Being more of a math and science sort of guy, he has never had the opportunity to reach out in the poetry world and, thus, none of his work has ever been published. Nonetheless, he continuously unravels his creative side by exploring his multiculturalism after having lived all over the world.