Rudy Lukats

Erasure of a Prayer

give grace
accept with serenity
can be changed,
Courage to change
Wisdom to distinguish
Living one day
Enjoying one moment
This sinful world
I would have it,
If I surrender
Your will,
with You forever in the next.

The Empty

Its shadow stalks each winter night. Walls. Questions. Clouds rush into each hole. Brought about by the taste of burning. Of pain. It causes chaos within mind. Query when the time passes. The burning becomes a desire. Pain to pleasure and passion as each passing adventure comes to a halt. An ultimate high. Never to be remembered.

Shadows disappear as the high fades. Laughs are shared when memories are tapped. The friends become familiar when stories are told in the hours with light. Yet with fleeting moments come overbearing fears. Ravens sit perched upon a barbed fence.

What if the trials of nights past brought with them shadows of dark acts. For how Is one to know if one is not there? The stories become grander and the hours shorter. A river of words flows from cavern to cavern, telling of times forgotten

Boom. Crash. Bang. The rollercoaster comes to an abrupt halt. All shadows pour into the void that was once emptiness. Bloody mallet swung at a face hits the target. Childish debauchery takes place in alleyways filled with vermin while the shades Of men morph into pure wickedness. Day passes and night returns. Journey begin.

Rudy Lukats is a first-year student in Questrom at Boston University. His work has never been published aside from a paper he wrote in middle school. While he has no intention of becoming a poet, you can catch him reading outside on most days.