Katherine Guzenfeld


Pangaea, the theory of continental drifts. They drifted apart like people do; eroded by tears that pooled into puddles that turned into rivers that emptied into estuaries, which made the oceans. Oceans that churn to hide the salt whose smell and taste have overstayed their welcome. Jagged arguments along the edges have made the sediment coarse; every continent now sits on a temper. Our foreheads crease as we stare in the direction of the sun searching for our enemy’s ghostly shore. Separated by miles of turbulent currents; we back away yearning to accidently touch once more. Distance grows and shrinks —simultaneously.

Katherine Guzenfeld is a first-year student at Questrom Schoolof Business at Boston University. Aside from the third grade poetry digest, her work has never been published. When she isn’t doing homework, she is spending time with her sorority sisters or reading books on COM lawn.