Courtney West


You are as sweet as the orange sugar filled soda after a long walk. You are a kindergarten love made in the schoolyard. Like children’s innocent giggles, you resemble the sweet serendipities in life. You awake the passion within.

You are as unrelenting as a merciless deadline. You are a bully who pinned me against the wall. Like a trash compactor, your power is devastating to the core.  You annihilate everything.

Self Portrait As Golden Locks

Golden Locks streaming down in front of face
Cage bars holding in the lion that hides behind

Lion sits calmly to be viewed
To be praised
To be admired
To be trained
To be coached
To be manipulated
To be kept
Lion needs to be calmly kept behind Golden Locks

Golden Locks softly sitting in the way
Quietly keeping lion in a desert

Lion does not want to be in place, Lion wants
To venture
To understand
To love
To laugh
To kiss
TO pulse
Lion wants to DO

Golden Locks lies between Lion and world
Prized as golden locks to the prosperous dumpster

Lion does not need prosperity; lion needs the key
To unlock
To pursue
To chase
To find
To understand
To appreciate
Lion needs marrow

Golden locks so detachable
Cut at the base

Courtney West is a second-year student at Boston University, studying at the Questrom School of Business. Previous work has been published in her high school’s literature magazine.