Anna Martynova

Apple Core or Are You Gonna Finish That?

You say you go
but you never eat the apple,
Never chew on its es
makes no                sense
To leave behind and never wonder:
what's inside?
no one eats it.
[Chewing just the skin and not the soul]
Consuming looks and faces
Teeth are too soft to fight the apple core
Not just the core, its inner soul,
Isn't that what really matters?
Ironically we say
Don’t judge the book by its cover
and then we choose the glossy, crispy ones
that in its core have nothing to discover.
and one.
and two..
and three...
and four....
the pulse is rushing through the apple core.
All apple parts are edible.
Now close your eyes. Explore.

Square Root of 17*

Four and some more

Four men I adore
Four states to explore
Four homeruns to score

Four and some more

Four acts to deplore
Four oaths I ignore
Four losses I sore
Four lives to restore
Four passions I tore
Forgiveness! Implore!
Four chances! Encore!

There’s always some more, after the four:
You can start over: One, two, three…

*Square Root of 17 equals 4.123…

Anna Martynova is a first-year student in the Questrom School of Business, studying Entrepreneurship, Marketing and Hospitality. When the right side of her brain takes over, she enjoys dancing with Fusion team, playing ukulele and writing poems. After taking an American poetry class for one semester, she still thinks that Russian poetry makes much more sense. Anna suggests to check out Maykovskiy and Asadov if you do not believe her.