Victoria Lawal


Drifting in a dream of seas, boundless.  The storm brews like dark roast.
A swarm of dense sensory responses, akin. Exiled from Atlantica. “Nacht und Trauma?” Muddied melodies trying to find a home. Up above joy dances like twilight. “You sink down.” Longing for salvage to no avail. I thought I saw that green light.

A slow descent marked by fading light.
These ominous waters become all.  No casket for this life. A cacophony of screams with one message—

“Fair dreams, Return.”

A Rushing Sanctuary

standing out, one with the willow
growing tension as her energy draws near
each mechanical facet expelled—                                 i’m free

fluid motion mirrored
each stone has its own presence
each molecule its own companion

nature beneath my feet with an aura of life
both real and imaginary

we shift to become whole

Victoria Lawal is a young author from Houston, Texas. She is a first-year Bachelors of Arts candidate at the Boston University College of Fine Arts, as well as a Bachelors of Sciences student at the Boston University College of Arts and Sciences studying Vocal Performance and Psychology. In Boston, she also works as the Production Assistant at Boston Youth Symphony Orchestras.