Samuel Bello


Flag whips the air
I’m reinvigorated by the sun.

On wings,
the bellows of the army
sail through the atmosphere.

Spirit of the conquerer
mauls the demons.

I am the being.


Steps into the
hollowed cavern


Lightning bolt strikes

The echoed bark
of a distant hound

Padlocked trunk
No opener


Energy dispersed into
The unknown known

A Beguiling Emotion

The wave consumed me and would not spit me out. Pinned by its chokehold. I was left tattered, twisted, and beat.  Every bit, it wanted it all.  Euphoria.  I lived inside an emotion.  Hypnotized.

Love lived, and its breath possessed my mouth, my eyes, my ears, my skin.  A warm whisper of violet and red; I was entranced by Love’s fragrance.

Darkness devoured the light, and I was pleasantly blinded.  I spoke, and it spoke back; a serenade.  My mind murdered by Love’s tender poison.

Samuel Bello is a first-year student engineering student at Boston University. He is from the small town of Kearny (Car-Knee), New Jersey, and has worked as line catcher at the Statue of Liberty. This is Samuel's first publication.