Paul Kim


They say the eyes are a window to the soul. But what restless thoughts race through one-hundred fifty thousand minds each day, leaving behind questions for which no answer could ever satisfy? You still laugh. We push those thoughts back as if we’re still waiting for better things to come, but I see you still troubled by even the slightest of these mundane scenes: reflections in a mirror, a handwritten letter, or the way the rain might fall onto the roof ever so slightly. I can see you asking yourself now — what if? And in this moment I take a good look into those open eyes, yet all I can ask myself is: what other stains have plastered this pane?


Chugging and chugging further down the way. Now up. A quick glance at the lines below creates a sensation of prominence, as I am creaking gently above the multitudes of glances. Synchronized clicks and clacks begin to resonate in my mind as I gulp gasps of air. The apex approaches with a somber coolness, almost like a calm before the storm. For some, riding out the tempest is all they can think about — I, however, choose to shrink to the floor. And just as I start to appreciate the peacefulness, the beast descends into the bellows, and the gulps are just as easily forced out as they are taken in. Sinusoidal currents gradually simmer to a plateau, halting to a stop — finally matching the frequency of my heart. My eyes open and those white knuckles experience a rush of red. 30 seconds and it’s time to depart.

Paul Kim is a first-year undergraduate student currently attending Boston University, studying in the College of Arts and Sciences as a computer science major. He hails from Great Neck, New York, and recently received the prestigious qualification award for completion of the secondary institute curricula.