Nathaniel Kern

As the Tail Lights Faded

The brightness fades to nothing.
The end of a beautiful journey.
She was the sun, the rain, the world-
If only those lights would stop and come back.
Turn back around for just a second more,
Delay the inevitable.

As the darkness falls into nighttime skies, the heart falls into a darkness too.
I never got to say the words inside,
The feelings I had left unattended,
The urges left to shrivel.

If only the mouth was as fond of those thoughts as my heart
Then maybe, just maybe, the eyes would not be so wet
As the tail lights faded


Fiery springs loom beneath the feet, as you rise in the elevator, the depths of Hades draws closer. Safest at the bottom rather than the top, a car of metal, scaling stories on two scrawny cables and set on possible destruction. The travel time is long, drags on, for the end may be near. In either case safe or not, this trip is not for the faint of heart. The lights, oh the lights, so bright and clear that let me know the end is fast approaching. Squirming, sprawling, sweating stop then fear and anxiety kick in until you have reached the top. Run off if you made it, run fast now, for the car will be back for another round. Misfortune may find you as you crawl one more level up, one more fear to overcome, but this ride did end before it should, something told you that it would. Now you meet those fiery springs, the lights go out, the levels fade, but how far did you really drop?

Nathaniel Kern is a freshman at Boston University studying physical therapy and athletic training. He is from Allentown, Pa and is a huge baseball fan.