Jay Rauch


The first time, I thought the waves were pristine sheets of glass. But the finches by the veranda seem to think that french doors are just walls of steam –– once in a while we all crack our necks on panes or hostile reflections or the weight of a head so profound. The second time, I threw myself as a wrecking ball and the water shattered my belly into scabrous salt crystals. Today I have finished eroding, dissolving in the bathtub. I can’t quite congeal again, or if I do I’ll curdle. Sometimes, broken by audacity, we quiver spasmodically on the cold sand.

Shaira (1996-2012)

the philosopher is

by narcosis

time to quiet
us at the appropriate

the philosopher is

by mortality
at the appropriate time

narcosis to


This whitewash under static screen;
An iron rail, driving into the stygian headlands ––

Jay Rauch is a freshman composition major in Boston University’s School of Music. He sees a deep connection between music and language and attempts to be as articulate in his writing as in his compositions. He spends most of his time eating, cooking, and playing ultimate frisbee.