Sean Lee

The Last Ringing

Radios on,
adrenaline pumping
not one shot

Dust soaring,
allergies from the sun
cover my eyes
am I blind?

Heavy breathing,
perspiring endlessly
ask me anything, I won’t respond,
back wet, I’m actually listening
to the rusty melody of music
that bleeds through
the mud cracked walls
behind my men.

Fear soaking down the barrel
loaded and gripped

            Or is it courage?

Men laughing, laid back,
peeling and slicing potatoes,
and serving it like wine

Cardboard windows are not enough,
as dirt and bullets now share
a place.

Inspired by Louie Palu, Peeling Potatoes (2014)

On the Horizon Lines

I look at a blank
of paper


I realize
dreams can be
stolen and erased

I ask myself
if dreams are worth
the consequences


then forgotten
the next

Sean Lee is a first-year business major at Boston University.  He was born in Manhattan, raised in southern Connecticut, and is currently living in Boston.  In his spare time, Sean enjoys playing classical piano and cooking.