Montana Airey

I forgive you, Oh Drought

Sentinel over unearthed wombs
harboring sun hued crocuses,
whispering foreshadows of caramel wheat
feathered with beaded seeds
and dancing in flowing air,
the spirit of a rain stick looms
silhouetted in dewy mist
rustling the stillness around us.
A lyric twitterer sits alert
tented by a thick canopy
teardrops of the upper sky
alight gracefully on desperate leaves.

For days we pounded thirsty fists
and today the Earth cried with mercy.

Tucked into Memory?

In this moment am I forsaken   
 by silhouette and grasping gauze?      
 I fear    my      cavernous     breath
 is gobbling   up  the  shadows 
in the room, stealing away any trace
  of time that might have slipped in 
riding these blinding glints 
             of yellow sun.

In this moment am I chameleoned 
 against this robin’s egg plaster?    My spirit 
of a younger time, a merry little thing,  wisps
 herself around    wildly    
unimpeded by worldly cares,  unaware
                                               of my heavy breath.

In this moment am I to realize 
that this is  nothing  of a moment?
 It is a thought tucked deep 
into a dream 
and these muslin covered frames are place holders 
for half recovered memories.

Inspired by Bastienne Schmidt's The Turquoise Room, Samos

Montana Airey is a freshman at Boston University and is hoping to pursue a double major in Marine Science and Environmental Science. She was born and raised in the small town of Bolton, Massachusetts.