Madison Palevsky

The Lost Soul

Shadow, you stand in the    distance. So close,
but so far,       all at once. Shadow, your shape
resembles mine,             but I do not recognize
you. Your soul is that of a                    stranger.
Shadow, I am red                    and you are grey.
I am wandering alone                                 in an
empty world,                                 while you are
surrounded with                                           light
and hope. Shadow,
                                              I cannot find myself.

Inspired by Bastienne Schmidt's The Swearing-In Ceremony, Islip, NY 

Never Ending

Every time I turn around, I see them. They haunt me in my awakening hours and stab me over and over again in my sleep. They are always watching me. They will not leave me alone. I walk down the street and see them in the corner of my eyes, waiting for the right time to pounce. As I am changing for gym class, they are all glaring at me with red fireballs in their eyes. Even my clothes are constraining me, narrowing in on every muscle in my body. I tug at my collar hoping to catch one breath of air, but they will not let me. It is dinnertime and I sit at the table anxiously waiting to eat my mother’s homemade lasagna, then it happens again. It is blood oozing out of my meal, not tomato sauce. They tried to trick me. There is no one in this world I can trust. My fate is sealed.

Madison Palevsky is a first year student in the School of Management at Boston University, and is originally from Montreal, Canada. At BU, Madison is an active member of the marketing club and the Fashion and Retail Association.