David Monti


I never close my eyes, not even when I’m asleep. I set ten alarms every morning so no one can hide from me, but I usually get up around the seventh. There are three places where a killer can find me: behind, in front, and where no one but me thinks to look. I lock everything where I can control it and let no one enter to ruin my happiness. It took eighteen years for me to kiss a girl because I could not find one who wouldn’t bite me. I leave my life in no hands but my own and sometimes that is not even enough.

Feigned: Car Poolers No. 6: Alejandro Cartagena: 2011-2012

The voluptuous body of a supermodel
pixel by pixel, she is beautiful
looking at the world, she wants to be touched.
We do not deserve her perfection but
we still have her.

The neighbors decided to remodel the kitchen
To increase value, the outside was oak--
the inside was plywood
We do not deserve their wealth but
we still have it.

Boys with faded jeans make
girls want to take them off.
An orange brand name sweatshirt
are the fabrics worn by royalty.
We do not deserve such garments
but we still have them.

Driving without a roof is ecstasy.
The wisps through our hair
are only fully noticed with a chauffeur.
We do not deserve a convertible but
we still have one.

Smiling is an obligation for the miserable
forcing pain to be hidden.
Kind souls destined to the nails and wood,
smile so the people still perceive
the euphoria of luxury.

Anguish is covered
by the lavish things everyone has,
these objects are mute.
True testament of happiness is
the authenticity of a smile.


Everything seethes together
in the balance of asymmetry. 

Order not

monotony is essential

a whimper is not for the weak as
the strength of a feeling bellows 

The weird ones never grew up

they just got bigger.

David Monti is currently an undergraduate student at Boston University pursuing Management and Computer Science. He greatly enjoys nature, new experiences, and any activity that fosters creativity and originality. This is the first time his work has appeared in a published format.