Daniel Fernandez Malagón


All eyes on me. They wait. Until I move. Until I click. I snap. I tap. I send. Then I’ll be funny and I’ll be cute. My clothes will be hip and my music will sound great and then. I feel great. All eyes on me but all eyes are me. I must make haste. The walls close on me. The doors close on me. I wait for approval…But, maybe it is sensibility and not this program that makes me different. Perhaps moments in time can become mine again and my worth and my decisions and my lifestyle and my relationships and my mistakes and my face and my days can also remain my own. And perhaps. Perhaps. Perhaps. I will probably die a robot.

What It Has Become

In the beginning we didn’t mind the dirt,
now we cringe when the cord is cut.
We stand on the train staring
into our little machines. Waiting
for others to notice
our style and groove.
Because we’re so special, so unique
like snowflakes in the wind,

we are buffeted and swept away.
If we just looked around
for a minute, we might realize
that we all shiver when we’re cold.
We look around, we are
all alone.

Daniel Fernandez Malagón is a first year student at Boston University from Mexico City, México. Although pursuing an undergraduate degree in International Management, he plans to pursue poetry throughout his life.